Visitor VISA for expecting spouse before using for PR, Please ADVISE!

Visitor VISA for expecting spouse before using for PR, Please ADVISE!

I’ve been reading a little for this forum and discovered it very of good use and informative and I wish to thank everybody else who is contributing to it!

I wish to ask from anybody with this forum who does have understanding or experiences in visitor PR and visa applications any advice of assistance regarding my situation, it will be quite definitely valued.

I will be A canadian resident and i’ve married an Indonesian citizen 8 months ago. We’ve been since that time residing in the higher Jakarta area. My partner resigned from her work simply little while before our wedding as our house plan would be to work with having children. My partner is inside her 27th week of being pregnant. Because the situation for work is scarce right here and I also am maybe perhaps maybe not lawfully in a position to have a formal work in right right right here and since I have nearly completed my cost savings, we made a decision to go on to Canada and so I my work to give as well as for her to provide delivery there and become underneath the care of my mom in final days of pregnncy (the physician issued a page saying it is safe on her to travel). So we have been completely refused for a visitor visa in the after grounds:

That you will leave Canada at the end of your stay as a temporary resident, as stipulated in paragraph 179(b) of the IRPR, based on your travel history• I am not satisfied.

• we am unsatisfied that you’ll keep Canada at the conclusion of your stay as a short-term resident, as stipulated in paragraph 179(b) regarding the IRPR, in line with the intent behind your check out.

• I am unhappy that you’ll keep Canada at the conclusion of your stay as a short-term resident, as stipulated in paragraph 179(b) of this IRPR, centered on your private assets and economic status.

Within our application we did not mentioned her maternity yet

We pointed out that the travel will undoubtedly be a chance for my spouse to fulfill my children face-to-face and invest some grouped family time. My spouse doesn’t always have strong family members ties in Indonesia aside from few loved ones and few buddy and a motorbike registered on her behalf title. Each) as for previous travel she only had two short international travel (KSA and Malaysia, average of one week travel. Given that wages are pretty reduced in Indonesia compare to Canada she doesn’t always have any significant quantity of cost savings and mine are pretty low too. We’re able to obtain a finalized declaration from my mom along with her dad attesting that they might financially support her if required in addition of myself supplying.

Needless to say our company is intending to make an application for an outland PR if I have to go back to Canada to work to provide for the family as it seems to be advised on the forum (right for appeal and faster processing), but I would like to try again to apply for a visitor visa as my wife won’t have someone to properly assist and take care of her during her last week of pregnancy in Indonesia.

Please be aware which our quickly become youngster will soon be A canadian resident despite being created in Jakarta, Indonesia, therefore having a baby in Canada just isn’t the primary goal which can be having the ability to care for my partner throughout the staying of her maternity and possess them around at the very least for some time and to be able to look for sustenance as right here it reasonably impossible in Indonesia for me personally.

Therefore I would like to understand can you really re-apply for the visitor visa mentioning clearly as describded above our situation (no cash needing to return to work, spouse expecting, very little help for maternity right here, and also to be aided by the family members) and she does not have the intention to overstay once we are preparing to submit an application for the PR plus don’t desire jeopardize it by overstaying (overstaying will not benefit my spouse in such a thing as her husband is canadian and very quickly become created youngster is supposed to be too therefore no reasons at all to accomplish this)?

Just just What is the simplest way to re-apply for visitor visa inside our situation? From your own experiences will there be any opportunities for this become accepted?

Please kindly advise!

Many thanks ahead of time for the consideration

Ps: sorry for the lengh of this post and many thanks when planning on taking time and energy to read it

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